Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Post Assignment # 5

Podcast Collection by Judy Scharf

This website was very helpful and useful. It helped me really understand what a podcast was. The YouTube videos posted to this site were also useful. I really liked all the different ideas and helpful tips offered. The Tips to Succeed were extremely useful, and I would definitely use these tips in the classroom. I love all the suggestions for podcasting. There are so many topics. The tools on this website are never ending. This is probably my favorite instructional website for podcasts! I love all the ideas, tips, information and suggestions.

100 Way to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

Wow! This website is great! I never knew iPod's could do all of this stuff. I only used my iPod for music and eventually quit using it. This article has encouraged me to start using my iPod again. I am seriously in shock to see all the great stuff iPod's can do. From study guides, podcasts, tutorials, applications, downloads, classroom help, iPod learning support, tools and sites, and iTunes U, everyone should invest in an iPod or start using it for educational purposes. The educational tools are endless.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

The more I seem to learn about podcasting, the more I really like it. This video really opened up my eyes to all the benefits podcasts have to offer. Podcasts are excellent tools to use in the classroom. I will definitely use them in my classroom. I really like how parents can be up-to-date with what their child is learning. That is a very helpful tool for a parent. I also like how students can listen to the lectures at home for reviewing or if they were absent. That in itself is a definite reason to use podcasts. I learned that podcasts can be used by students to interact outside the classroom. Podcasts are not that hard to make or upload for people to watch/listen to. Podcasts are a great educational tool!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Post # 4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? By Scott McLeod

I really enjoyed this particular blog post. I liked how he used sarcasm to get his point across. I am aware that the internet can be dangerous, but only if it is miss-used. To me, technology has tons more pros than it does cons. I am glad that Dr. McLeod is teaching his students about technology. His students will be way ahead of students that are not taught about it. Technology can help students grow, flourish and prosper. I will definitely use technology ALL the time when I become a teacher! I also did a little research to figure out who Scott McLeod is and came to find out that this guy is pretty brilliant. He is the co-creator of the "Did You Know?" video, which I thought was completely awesome. According to his longer bio on his blog,  http://dangerouslyirrelevant.org , he is "widely recognized as one of the nation's leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues." Dr. McLeod blogs regularly about technology. If you have not checked him out, then do so by following the link above!

The iSchool Initiative

This video was awesome. The high school student from Georgia definitely did a good job with this video. He began the video talking about how school budgets are being cut, teachers are being let go and classrooms are becoming larger. His solution: the iSchool. The iSchool is a device based on the iPhone. He said that with the iSchool we could get rid of paper, pencils, book, etc. The iSchool would serve the purpose of pretty much everything students use and would also cut the costs of school supplies down drastically. He also said that it would revolutionize the relationships between teacher and student, student and parent and parent and teacher. I was blown away with all the awesome things the iSchool could do, and to think that you can fit it in the palm of your hand! I think this brilliant idea would be great and truly benefit students, teachers, schools and the environment.

 Although I really like this idea, I do think that it would take a while before the iSchool was actually used. I think some schools would think that the students would abuse this and play games on it all the time. If students were to use this, I think that the iSchools should be monitored. As a future teacher, I would consider using the iSchool. I think it would benefit us beyond what we can imagine.

Lost Generation

This video almost gave me chill bumps. The beginning of the video was very depressing. I was definitely relieved when the video started to reverse. I do believe that our generation has changed drastically over the decades, but that does not mean we are doomed forever. We can do something about it. I believe that we can change the statistics of this world. I really, really, really liked this video! I liked how the words reversed. That was so cool.I am going to definitely share this with others. I found it very empowering!

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

This video was interesting. I think it is amazing how he found all these people on YouTube and made a virtual choir over the internet. I have never seen anything like this before. I would like to see some of his other work sometime! I think it is amazing that none of these people actually sung together, and I was amazed to see how many people participated in the end credits. Very cool!

Picture of a happy computer

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Additional Assignment # 1

a. What are the educational implications of searches such as Google Squared provides?
The educational implications of Google Squared is how much information you can find on particular subjects. It can be used as a very efficent search tool for school projects, etc.
b. What are the educational implications of searches such as Wolframalpha provides?
The educational implications of Wolframalpha is how many statistics one can find out. This search is very specific and detailed and could definitely be used in the classroom to find out information on something.
c. Did you know about Google Squared before this assignment?
d. Did you know about Wolfram Alpha before this assignment?
e. Reread your comments about Did You Know. Have my comments altered your thinking about anything you saw, heard, read, or reported for the Did You Know assignment? If not, say so. If so, describe how in as much detail as necessary.
Yes they did changed my view. Now I know that even though Bermuda may have more of their population using the internet than the U.S., there are more people in the U.S, so techically, the U.S. has more people actually using it.
f. What did you learn from this exercise about how you react to and deal with "statistics"?
People need to know details about the statistic. For example, people need to know the population of certain countries when comparing them for certain things.
 screenshot of Pitca qx=
Picarin Islands" Islands

The Food for Thought article was very interesting. I think it is so cool that a six year old child could figure out how to use an iPad without any help!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summary Post C4T # 1

I was given " The Thinking Chick" as my teacher. Her first post was called, "The Magic Wand." She made this particular post after she read an article called, "The 21 Things That Become Obsolete This Decade." She talked about her first palm pilot, VCR's, and landlines. Those barely exist now. We now have better phones, dvd players and cell phones as opposed to land lines. I wrote how at my mothers the other day, we watched a VHS in her VCR and how it seemed annoying having to rewind it. My teacher read another article titled, "21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020." She wrote about how she agreed that the things listed would be obsolete, but since she has found education slow to change, it may take longer than 10 years. Two things on the list were desks and paper. Her second blog post was called "The Hole." I enjoyed this post. She wrote about how she bought a house in Seattle, Washington while living in Bangkok, Thailand. She used technology to do everything. She had papers faxed, used Skype, had pictures sent from iPhones, bought all her furniture online and a lot more. She did not give all the credit to technology though. She gave a lot of credit to her friends and family for helping her. I find it amazing that she was able to do all of that from across the world. Technology has come a long way and will continue to amaze us!

picture of a VHS

Google Slideshow Presentation

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Assignment # 3

"A Vision of Students Today" by Michael Wesch
This movie does seem to capture my college experience. I am like some of those students.I did not exactly understand though if the video was portraying technology negatively or positively. Technology, to me, is very useful, helpful and can save time, but if used wisely. The statistics of time spent watching t.v., playing on Facebook & listening to music takes a lot out of your day. More time is spent doing that then actual school work. I try to manage my time wisely when it comes to school work and doing recreational things, which includes the internet. Like I said before, I don't quite understand if the video was about whether technology was good or bad? What do you think? Also, where did they get these statistics?

"It's Not About the Technology" By Kelly Hines
I enjoyed this blog post. I totally agree with Mrs. Hines. I am constantly learning, and when I become a teacher I will still be learning everyday. When people become teachers, they don't just "BOOM!" know it all, therefore, teachers must continue their journey of knowledge even after graduating. Also, teachers must want to learn in order to be effective teachers. Why should a teacher expect their students to want to learn, if they do not want to learn?

It is definitely not all about technology. Don't get me wrong, technology is a great innovative tool, but it is meaningless in the classroom if the teacher does not have the passion to learn about it or have the passion to be innovative. I agree with Mrs. Hines, we need to keep up with the learning trends of our students in order to relate to them! I also agree that the 21st Century is about creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking not technology!

"Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?" By Karl Fisch
This is a great blog post! No wonder it won the most influential post of 2007. No! It is not okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher!We need to stay informed and be in sync with the technological innovations that occur throughout our career if we want to be effective teachers! We don't want our students to be behind because we aren't willing to learn about technology! We do not want our students to be learning things from 30 years ago. We want them to learn about things that are occurring in the present times. Since we are supposed to be teaching our students to where they learn something, shouldn't we be willing to learn as well?

I agree with Karl Fisch, if educators are not willing to learn about technology and become technological literate, then they need to find another profession! Times are constantly changing. Life is not like it was 50, or even 10, years ago. We have to keep up with the innovations and changes of education to be effective educators!

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

This is just crazy (not in a bad way) ! Technology is becoming more popular by the second! Things are changing so rapidly! As an education major, I will be continually learning about all these new things that are occurring in the tech world. It is a little overwhelming with all the things changing so rapidly, but it is also exciting! I love learning new things! I also love that I will be able to teach students about it!