Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Assignment # 3

"A Vision of Students Today" by Michael Wesch
This movie does seem to capture my college experience. I am like some of those students.I did not exactly understand though if the video was portraying technology negatively or positively. Technology, to me, is very useful, helpful and can save time, but if used wisely. The statistics of time spent watching t.v., playing on Facebook & listening to music takes a lot out of your day. More time is spent doing that then actual school work. I try to manage my time wisely when it comes to school work and doing recreational things, which includes the internet. Like I said before, I don't quite understand if the video was about whether technology was good or bad? What do you think? Also, where did they get these statistics?

"It's Not About the Technology" By Kelly Hines
I enjoyed this blog post. I totally agree with Mrs. Hines. I am constantly learning, and when I become a teacher I will still be learning everyday. When people become teachers, they don't just "BOOM!" know it all, therefore, teachers must continue their journey of knowledge even after graduating. Also, teachers must want to learn in order to be effective teachers. Why should a teacher expect their students to want to learn, if they do not want to learn?

It is definitely not all about technology. Don't get me wrong, technology is a great innovative tool, but it is meaningless in the classroom if the teacher does not have the passion to learn about it or have the passion to be innovative. I agree with Mrs. Hines, we need to keep up with the learning trends of our students in order to relate to them! I also agree that the 21st Century is about creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking not technology!

"Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?" By Karl Fisch
This is a great blog post! No wonder it won the most influential post of 2007. No! It is not okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher!We need to stay informed and be in sync with the technological innovations that occur throughout our career if we want to be effective teachers! We don't want our students to be behind because we aren't willing to learn about technology! We do not want our students to be learning things from 30 years ago. We want them to learn about things that are occurring in the present times. Since we are supposed to be teaching our students to where they learn something, shouldn't we be willing to learn as well?

I agree with Karl Fisch, if educators are not willing to learn about technology and become technological literate, then they need to find another profession! Times are constantly changing. Life is not like it was 50, or even 10, years ago. We have to keep up with the innovations and changes of education to be effective educators!

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

This is just crazy (not in a bad way) ! Technology is becoming more popular by the second! Things are changing so rapidly! As an education major, I will be continually learning about all these new things that are occurring in the tech world. It is a little overwhelming with all the things changing so rapidly, but it is also exciting! I love learning new things! I also love that I will be able to teach students about it!


  1. Hi Galliard,

    To find an answer to your question about the statistics, you should visit the link they had near the end of the video, or look the ethnography project up in youtube. I did last year and they were more than willing to answer my questions and offer help.

    I think your question about the purpose of this video is excellent, but it is not one I want to answer for you-- I want and expect you to tell me. When you rethink your own question, consider the option that it is not portraying technology as being "good OR bad", perhaps it is merely stating the obvious disconnection between teachers and students, learning materials and study habits, and overall engagement.

    In regards to your Kelly Hines response, you made a good observation that the "21st Century is about creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking", but how are you going to ask your students to prove that they are doing all of these things?

    Good post Galliard, you ask many great questions, but I want to encourage to to take a stab at answering them, if not in the post-- definitely in the comments that follow.


  2. Do a search for Michael Wesch at Kansas state University. He has a great deal of information about how his videos are done and the source of the statistics. You leave with a question. Good. Questions are more important than the answers. Technology is merely a tool. A tool which can be used to produce both negative and positive results. All tools must be put to use to have results. I'll add another two questions to yours. What does the video say about student behavior? You have started in that direction. Also consider this question: What are the issues raised about the way colleges and universities organize and deliver instruction and about how instructors conduct their educational efforts? What questions do you have when thinking about these two aspects of the video?

  3. Thank you Anthony and Dr. Strange for these comments.

    Dr. Strange- I think this video shows student behavior in a negative light. It shows that students do not spend that much time doing schoolwork, but spend more time using technology.

    I think that that this video shows that colleges and universities need to step up when it comes to educating there students. I think it is ridiculous that professor only know a small percentage of their students names. They need to make a better effort. I also believe that students and teachers need to work together to improve things as well. Students should want to have improvement in their education and teachers should want to help!

  4. Sydney,
    I think the video "A Vision of Students Today" was suppose to portray how much technology has changed while teaching has remained the same. For me this video represented a true college class room. It is hard to pay attention to a teacher who is just talking when they could be using the technology we have today to better enhance the class.
    I agree with your thoughts on the other post we were assigned. The "It's Not About Technology" was one of my favorites because there are many out there who thinks it is technology that changes things although it is the way a person teaches and thinks.