Thursday, September 16, 2010

Additional Assignment # 1

a. What are the educational implications of searches such as Google Squared provides?
The educational implications of Google Squared is how much information you can find on particular subjects. It can be used as a very efficent search tool for school projects, etc.
b. What are the educational implications of searches such as Wolframalpha provides?
The educational implications of Wolframalpha is how many statistics one can find out. This search is very specific and detailed and could definitely be used in the classroom to find out information on something.
c. Did you know about Google Squared before this assignment?
d. Did you know about Wolfram Alpha before this assignment?
e. Reread your comments about Did You Know. Have my comments altered your thinking about anything you saw, heard, read, or reported for the Did You Know assignment? If not, say so. If so, describe how in as much detail as necessary.
Yes they did changed my view. Now I know that even though Bermuda may have more of their population using the internet than the U.S., there are more people in the U.S, so techically, the U.S. has more people actually using it.
f. What did you learn from this exercise about how you react to and deal with "statistics"?
People need to know details about the statistic. For example, people need to know the population of certain countries when comparing them for certain things.
 screenshot of Pitca qx=
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The Food for Thought article was very interesting. I think it is so cool that a six year old child could figure out how to use an iPad without any help!

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