Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Post Assignment # 5

Podcast Collection by Judy Scharf

This website was very helpful and useful. It helped me really understand what a podcast was. The YouTube videos posted to this site were also useful. I really liked all the different ideas and helpful tips offered. The Tips to Succeed were extremely useful, and I would definitely use these tips in the classroom. I love all the suggestions for podcasting. There are so many topics. The tools on this website are never ending. This is probably my favorite instructional website for podcasts! I love all the ideas, tips, information and suggestions.

100 Way to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

Wow! This website is great! I never knew iPod's could do all of this stuff. I only used my iPod for music and eventually quit using it. This article has encouraged me to start using my iPod again. I am seriously in shock to see all the great stuff iPod's can do. From study guides, podcasts, tutorials, applications, downloads, classroom help, iPod learning support, tools and sites, and iTunes U, everyone should invest in an iPod or start using it for educational purposes. The educational tools are endless.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

The more I seem to learn about podcasting, the more I really like it. This video really opened up my eyes to all the benefits podcasts have to offer. Podcasts are excellent tools to use in the classroom. I will definitely use them in my classroom. I really like how parents can be up-to-date with what their child is learning. That is a very helpful tool for a parent. I also like how students can listen to the lectures at home for reviewing or if they were absent. That in itself is a definite reason to use podcasts. I learned that podcasts can be used by students to interact outside the classroom. Podcasts are not that hard to make or upload for people to watch/listen to. Podcasts are a great educational tool!

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  1. I agree about how podcasting is so beneficial in today's classroom. This tool could really help parents stay informed about what is going on in the classroom. Podcasting really creates enthusiasm among the students as well.This is a very valuable resource for teachers in todays classroom. Good thoughts!