Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Assignment # 8

This is How We Dream

Reading and writing have changed so much the past few years and will continue to change as technological advances increase. Most every book or article can be found online. People no longer have to go to libraries to do research or get information they are looking for. Almost everything can be found online. To be honest, I do not remember the last time I checked out a book in the library for research purposes. I get all my information on the internet. The sources are endless.

As with books, articles in magazines, etc., they become outdated or thrown away. With the internet, these books and articles are always available and are just a click away. The internet also makes documents more available to the public. I think it is amazing how someone can put a discussion on the internet and it can be viewed over thousands of times in such a short amount time after it was posted.

When I think about technology, I get excited. As a future educator, I want to use technology as much as I can because I believe it is a great tool. Since technology is always changing, I will have to keep up with these changes. I am willing to do that because I believe in the benefits of technology in the classroom. I have to admit though, I sometimes feel confused, overwhelmed or stressed when working with technology because it can be challenging. After saying that, I still think it is worth all the stress and confusion. I always end up figuring it out!

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 For Dummies

I really enjoyed watching these videos. I thought EDM 310 For Dummies was really funny. At the beginning of the semester I felt overwhelmed and stressed about all the assignments we had to do in EDM. Dr. Strange urged us to watch this video and I did. EDM 310 For Dummies made me feel tons better about this class. I also enjoyed The Chipper Series as well. I would enjoy being in a short movie like this. I think it would be fun to make a video like these for other students coming into EDM 310.


There are good points on both sides of this argument. I have not been exposed the world of smart boards a lot, so I do not really have an opinion. Although, like I said before, both sides make good points. I do think it is ridiculous though, that schools will spend tons of money on smart boards when they could be spending it on tools that aren't so outrageously expensive. I think that if teachers really know how to use smart boards and can tell a positive difference in their student's learning then go ahead and use them, if the school has enough money to buy them. Here is a link for teachers who like smart boards and think they are just wonderful tools for the classroom.

 picture of students using a smart board

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  1. You bring about an interesting thought on how easy information is to get now from the internet. Like you, I can't remember the last time I went to the library to check our a book to use it as a resource.

    I think your comments on smartboards are right on. I think that many schools won't care how good they are for the students, because there is no way the can afford them.

    Great post Sydney! Keep up the good work,

    Stephen Akins