Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Assignment #9

picture saying important decision I have made this year is to stay positive
For this blog assignment we had to read "What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung. Mr. McClung is an elementary school teacher. I enjoyed this blog post very much. I think all teachers , present and future, should read it. It has some excellent points and advice. He talked about making sure you know if your students are comprehending your lessons, being flexible, being able to communicate effectively, being reasonable with your students, not being afraid of technology, listening to your students and to never stop learning! All these are excellent points. I believe that we need to be able to read our students to see if they are comprehending . I definitely agree that we need to be flexible when it comes to teaching. Everything is not always going to be perfect. Communication is very important, with students and fellow teachers. We always need to know how to communicate effectively. I believe technology is a great learning too and we do not need to be afraid of it. We need to embrace it! This blog post was very enlightening and I look forward to reading more of his posts!


  1. Hi Sydney
    I also think that Mr. McClung made some good points, especially about communication. Being able to communicate with our students is very important, because they need to feel like they can talk to their teacher especially when they need extra help. I also feel that technology is a excellent tool and we should take advantage of all the opportunities to learn more about what it has to offer.

  2. Sydney,

    I definitely agree that all teachers should read Mr. McClung's post. Self-reflection enables not only ourselves but others to learn and grow. He makes some excellent points that teachers should definitely use in a school setting. One of my favorite tips that he gives is remembering to be student focused. I mean, after all, that is why we are teachers. I also think that flexibility and communication are essential in being a great teacher. We should be able to structure our classrooms but also roll with anything that comes our way. Without effective communication, we will greatly fall. Communication with our fellow employees and students can make all the difference. Keep up the great work!

  3. Sydney,

    Great post! I agree with you and everyone else that has posted needs to read Mr. McClung's post! There are some great ideas and some great tools that can be used for teachers new and experienced! Communication, I think, is one of the most important aspects of teaching! Also, being flexible and able to go with the flow is important! Keep up the good work!