Monday, November 1, 2010

Additional Assignment # 3

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigms 

I there are a lot of important things in the presentation, but if I had to pick one I would say that the most important thing is how we drug our kids because they can not concentrate. For example, children with ADHD. I do not know if ADHD even exists. I like how Sir Ken Robinson said that children have so many distractions now (Ipods, computers, video games, tv, etc) and we expect them to not be distracted. Maybe educators should change everything about the old teaching system and find ways to keep kids interested by using technology! That is what I believe! I do not think I disagree with much in this presentation. It had many excellent points. I believe that Sir Ken Robinson's position are congruent with what I am been taught in education at South, especially in EDM 310. I believe as a future teacher, I can encourage all types of learning (groups, alone or with partners), encourage creativity and be creative in my lessons so that my students are interested. If I were to do a project like this, I would want to play the role of the narrator. This video was very inspirational and definitely made me think about education today.

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