Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Assignment # 13

ALEX - Alabama Learning Exchange

ALEX is an amazing website for teachers. I am so glad Dr. Strange assigned us this blog post, because I will definitely use ALEX in the future. This website has so many useful resources. These resources include: Courses of Study, Web Links, Lesson Plans, Search, Personal Workspace, Professional Learning, Podcast Treasury, and ALEXville. Using the Courses of Study, you can browse all of the Alabama Content Standards and you can also search to find the courses of study by grade level, or keywords. Using Web Links, you can search teacher web resources, student web resources, and administrator web resources. you can also search for web resources, recommend a web resource or report broken links. There is SO much useful and awesome information. Using Lesson Plans, you can browse TONS of different lesson plans in every subject and grade level. This is seriously the coolest thing ever! The lesson plans available to you are endless and with just one click you can receive amazing lesson plans. You can also search for lesson plans by title, author, or school. Using the Search icon, you can search the ALEX/thinkfinity database and can find whatever you are looking for. Using the Personal Workspace, someone can create an account so you can create a personal workplace for storing and submitting lesson plan and teacher web pages. This is so amazing. The Professional Learning icon is absolutely fantastic. You can learn everything about ALEX. You can also visit different Alabama Department of Education Program websites to find things from teaching tools to lastest news and so much more! You can also view different pages to find tips, tricks, and tutorials on tons of different technology tools. The Podcast Treasury is so great! You can access different podcasts and add your own!  This is truly amazing. ALEXville is where you can get all the lastest news about ALEX and all the cool stuff that the team is doing!

This website has had a HUGE effect on me. I am in awe of ALL the amazing stuff this website has to offer. ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange) is truly an exchange of so much information between teachers. I love this website! I highly recommend everyone to visit this website, especially teachers. You can go to ALEX by clicking HERE

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