Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Assignment # 10

 Morgan Bayda

Morgan Bayda is an educator who completed her teaching degree in Spring 2010. Her blog post reflects her thoughts on the video called  "An Open Letter To Educators" by Dan Brown. Click here to watch the video. Dan Brown dropped out of school because "his schooling was inferring with his education." Morgan Bayda talks about how North America still using the same schooling model that it did hundreds of years ago. She talks about feeling cheated at the university she attended. After all the time, hard work and many lectures, she did not feel like she was getting anything out of school. This is because North America's schooling system is so out dated. She talks about how she was not allowed to speak about certain topics or give her opinion on them. She compares that certain class to her Ed Computers class. In her Ed Computers class she could share ideas, opinions and topics through a variety of technological sites (Twitter, her PLN, videos, photos, etc). She discussed how these tools even helped her outside of school and how they also opened up many opportunities! She even found out about an inexpensive volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica through Twitter. She simply stated what she wanted and someone commented on her tweet the next day with a lot of great information! I think that technology is a great tool to help people collaborate and share ideas! I am happy to know that more and more schools are starting to integrate technology in their classes. We are in the 21st Century, so we should start teaching and learning like that!

Tom Johnson's Dont Let Them Take the Pencils Home

In this blog post, the teacher was not allowed to let students bring pencils home. He was told that it lowered test scores. The other teacher who told him this only had test scores on her mind. She was saying that if students only played with their pencils at home then they would not be learning anything. Learning can be fun! How does she know that the students were not learning anything? This blog post was interesting. 

picture of pencils
Two Questions That Can Change Your Life by Daniel Pink

This video was very inspirational. It talks about self  motivation. It talks about how people need to find a sentence that can help motivate them in everything (work, school and for the rest of their lives). It also says that you need to ask yourself the question, "Was I better today than I was yesterday?" This video really spoke to me.

I can achieve anything I want with hard work, determination, perseverance and a positive attitude!

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  1. You are absolutely right about your sentence. I think I would adopt that motto too if you added timeliness! It's my greatest flaw!