Thursday, November 4, 2010


 My C4K3# was Junior. He drew a picture of Ronald McDonald holding a stop sign for people crossing the street. I told him that I really liked the picture and the colors he used. I thought the man holding the stop sign for people crossing the street was very creative.


My C4K#4 was K. She made a podcast about Shackleton's Journey. She had awesome sounds effect. I told her that her podcast was excellent and that the sound effects were great. I really felt like I was there on Shackleton's Journey.


My C4K#5 was Bianca. She had a blog post about search engines. I really liked her blog post because she had a few different search engines. Some of them I had never heard of before. I told her that I only use Google. Her post gave me some new resources to use when doing research. I like how gets results from all different search engines.

 My C4K#6 was Grace. Her blog post was a little poem about how much she hates snow. I commented that we do not have a lot of know where I am from, so I really like it when it does snow. I may not like it if snowed all the time though!


My C4K#7 was a girl from Alba Middle School. She took a really cool picture of the railing on the perimeter USS Battleship. There were all this cool lines and shadows that the railing and other objects made. She asked her readers what they would call the picture. I told her I would call it "Lines on the Bay."

 picture of kids blogging

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