Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Assignment # 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

This video really impressed me. I think blogging is such a great tool for students. It helps with writing, communication and tons more. The students in this video really seem to enjoy blogging. They are going to be great learners. I liked all the projects they did using the internet. For instance, the students were learning about traditions and they used a wiki to get information from other people. I think that students learn better and enjoy learning when technology is used. I was very impressed with this video and all that technology has to offer!

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

This interview was very interesting. Mrs. Cassidy uses a lot of technology in her classroom. She stated that technology was here to stay and that we can not ignore it. I agree with her. I feel like we need to embrace technology and not be afraid of it. She talked about how she had support from her principal which I think was great! I really like how Ms. Cassidy uses technology in her classroom. I want to use technology in mine as well. I feel like the opportunities are endless. I believe students have so many more opportunities with technology because they can use it to communicate with other people, not just people in their class. I believe students learn better using technology as opposed to just reading a textbook. I would definitely use blogging in my classroom, as well as other things Ms. Cassidy uses.


  1. Sydney,

    How are you planning to use technology in your future courses? Also, how would you convince the administration to use technology if there was little or no support from them? Convince us. : )

  2. I liked the fact that she was using technology with young children. Young children love the audience and attention that blogging provides. The encouraging learning environment that is created through these teaching methods will help these children incredibly. I like that she was not afraid to try it even though many around her did not and that she was willing to teach herself to put what was given to her to use.

  3. Sydney,

    I've had friends and family members that used to be teachers tell me that technology is just an extra, not a necessity. But Ms. Cassidy's class has convinced me that this is a necessity! The little boy that I was assigned to had improved SO much from the beginning of the class, I was shocked at how much a difference blogging has made for his writing skills. Yes, I too am glad that Ms. Cassidy went out of her way to integrate technology into her course, although I am glad that her school didn't require it. I think if a school requires it, then the teachers who would rather not be using it are going to be using it in an inefficient way, and it is going to end up being more detrimental than beneficial to the classroom environment.